The ProPower is a revolutionary off-grid sustainable power solution specially designed to help reduce carbon and fuel costs on lower power load projects.

Reduce Carbon & Fuel Costs

The ProPower generates renewable power from the sun, stores it within its 35kWh Li-ion battery pack, and uses it before the diesel engine is switched on.  This helps save diesel use by up to 70%, reducing CO2 emissions and significantly reducing diesel costs too!   

Up to 20kVA Power Output

Ideal for worksites with up to six welfare cabins, Electric vehicles and power tool charging or general power use, the single-phase ProPower can sustainably power off-grid up to 20kVA.

Compact & Easy to Deploy

The ProPower is road towable and comes on a compact trailer that's easy to move.  Our engineers will set up on-site and hand it over ready to use.

Quite & Reliable

Ideal for residential, night works or low-noise sites, the ProPower operates silently when using battery power. It's tried and tested and proven to work all year round, in all weather conditions, over multiple winter and summer cycles.




On-demand power for:

  • Electric vehicle charging

  • Up to six welfare cabins or site offices

  • Power tool charging

  • General on-site temporary power



Reduced Fuel & Emissions

The ProPower's clean solar power and Lithium-ion battery storage save diesel use by up to 70%, reducing CO2 emissions and diesel costs too!

No Noise

When solar or battery power is used, the ProPower operates silently to reduce noise pollution.  Ideal for overnight works, residential or low-noise environments.

Low Maintenance

With less generator run time, the ProPower helps to reduce maintenance.

Easy to Move & Transport

Compact in size for transportation, the trailer-mounted ProPower is easy to transport and move on and off-site.  

Remote Monitoring & Management

You can monitor and manage the ProPower remotely, with real-time information, like the battery's state of charge and the power generated or used, highlighting any actions needed to maximise solar and battery running time.  This helps to reduce diesel use and make the most significant carbon and cost savings. 



A powerful off-grid sustainable power solution, specially designed to deliver temporary power to sites with up to 20kVA power demands.

Prolectric Propower Solar Hybrid Generator

Remote control and monitoring - each unit is equipped with a micro-controller and a GPS tracking.

Adjustable solar panels – designed to maximise solar generation throughout the seasons, rated to withstand 80km/h wind speeds.

22 kVA generator.

The solar panels use the latest technology - providing sustainable, reliable power generation.


Product specifications

  • Total Weight
    3310 Kg with trailer
  • Internal Fuel Tank
    130 litre internal fuel tank – with the option to connect to an additional external supply
  • Size
    22 kVA generator with 15 kVA of power inverter and 35 kWh lithium-ion battery storage.
  • Dimensions
    4.30m (L) x 2.24m (W) x 2.56 (H) when panels are closed

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