Introducing the NEW
3-Phase ProPower

After the successful introduction of the original, Award Winning, single-phase ProPower in 2022, Prolectric have expanded their range of sustainable solutions with a powerful 3-phase solar hybrid system.

The three-phase ProPower has been specially designed to deliver clean, quiet, sustainable temporary power to construction, infrastructure and rail projects. It packs the latest solar and battery storage technology into a compact, trailer mounted mobile unit.

The three-phase ProPower is part of Prolectric's range of environmentally friendly, advanced performance products, which have been designed as direct like-for-like replacements for diesel systems, making them a simple switch.

High power output - upto 30kVA

The new three-phase ProPower's solar array and inverter produce twice the output power and three times the battery storage of our single-phase system. As such, it is best suited to high-power applications above 20kVA and up to 30kVA, making it ideal for larger, more power-hungry sites and sectors.


The three-phase enables work sites to scale up their sustainable power delivery depending upon their power requirements. It can connect up to the majority of existing diesel generators, up to 100kVA, to give more flexibility in fleet management. It also offers greater compatibility, as the majority of work sites in the UK are wired up with three-phase distribution boards.






On demand power for:

  • Electric vehicle charging

  • Welfare cabins and site offices

  • Charging of power tools

  • General on site temporary power



Reduced Emissions

Reduced fumes and greenhouse gas emissions. As such, the ProPower offers huge CO2 and Emission benefits Vs traditional diesel generators.

No Noise

Benefits for urban locations and night projects. The ProPower can reduce noise pollution on site which is ideal for residential areas.

No Fuel

No diesel costs, spills, or refuelling.

No Maintenance

The technology allows you to set up and forget.


The latest solar panel technology improves power generation by over 30%.

Mobile & Easily Deployable

The ProPower is a mounted trailer and has a 50% smaller footprint making it faster and easier to set up on smaller compounds.


The ProPower solar panels are designed to be tilted and adjusted for optimum winter and summer performance.

Remote Control and Monitoring

Each ProPower is equipped with a micro-controller and GPS tracking, so it can be switched on and off remotely, and key data such as power generated/consumed can be monitored and recorded. You can change the settings without attending on site – or we can do it for you.



A powerful off-grid sustainable power solution, specially designed to deliver temporary power to the construction, rail and remote vehicle charging sectors.

Prolectric Propower Solar Hybrid Generator

Remote control and monitoring - each unit is equipped with a micro-controller and a GPS tracking.

The solar panels are designed to be tilted and adjusted for optimum winter and summer performance.

30 kVA inverter and 90 Kwh Li-ion battery storage

The solar panels use the latest technology - providing sustainable, reliable power generation.

Socket output - 1 x 125A 415V


Product specifications

  • Configuration
    30 kVA of power inverter and 90 Kwh Li-ion battery storage.
  • Dimensions
    4.40m (L) x 2.24m (W) x 2.56 (H) when panels are closed

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